"For the past year, we have been fortunate to have known, worked, and partnered with TechStrata under the leadership of Mike Khalili and Tony Steed. Their capacity to understand our objectives at a very high level allowed them to see the big picture and focus our IT staff in only the right places. Their understanding proved an invaluable asset to our IT Department, particularly in evaluating, selecting and implementing the appropriate solution and configuration to match our requirements. We sincerely and eagerly look forward to expanding our relationship with TechStrata."

"From start to finish, TechStrata made implementation easy. They provided a full suite of training that helped our company ramp up quickly and efficiently."

"TechStrata's team was there when I needed them even after the project was completed.  They didn't just walk away once the solution was in place. Their training personnel made sure my whole staff understood how to use the new tools, and they answered our questions, no matter how basic, with great patience and clarity."

"From project management to the final roll out, Mike and Tony's team made it easy to implement our new VOIP system. Best of all, they saved us time and money. Instead of hiring several consultants, TechStrata's team fulfilled all of our needs."

Event Schedule


When: October 10, 2013, 11:30 am
Location: El Segundo, CA

Venue: Golf Lunch and Learn
Address: 400 S. Sepulveda Blvd., El Segundo, CA

Security, Network, and Systems Monitoring Solutions

TechStrata, Fortinet, and Network Instruments will be hosting a lunch and learn on October 10 at The Lakes at El Segundo. 

 Topics will include: Security, Network Management, Data Center, and Systems Monitoring solutions.

We are looking forward to hosting a great event filled with wonderful food, speakers, and golf. The Information Technology industry has many new innovative products and services, come and learn how TechStrata, Fortinet, and Network Instruments will play essential roles in the future of IT.

 Free golf lesson & Networking Opportunity