"For the past year, we have been fortunate to have known, worked, and partnered with TechStrata under the leadership of Mike Khalili and Tony Steed. Their capacity to understand our objectives at a very high level allowed them to see the big picture and focus our IT staff in only the right places. Their understanding proved an invaluable asset to our IT Department, particularly in evaluating, selecting and implementing the appropriate solution and configuration to match our requirements. We sincerely and eagerly look forward to expanding our relationship with TechStrata."

"From start to finish, TechStrata made implementation easy. They provided a full suite of training that helped our company ramp up quickly and efficiently."

"TechStrata's team was there when I needed them even after the project was completed.  They didn't just walk away once the solution was in place. Their training personnel made sure my whole staff understood how to use the new tools, and they answered our questions, no matter how basic, with great patience and clarity."

"From project management to the final roll out, Mike and Tony's team made it easy to implement our new VOIP system. Best of all, they saved us time and money. Instead of hiring several consultants, TechStrata's team fulfilled all of our needs."

Our Services

Your Global IT Support Team Is Standing By…Right Now.   

  • You have a major IT initiative and you need bullet-proof expertise
  • Your systems are outdated and it’s time to modernize
  • Your client data must be accessible any time, anywhere
  • Your customers, your staff and your vendors are demanding more
  • Your system security is questionable and you need it fixed…now
  • You’re ready to move into the Cloud but don’t know where to start

Whatever the situation, whatever the need…Tech Strata is the last IT partner you will ever need.

The Full Array of IT Expertise and Execution….One Call Away.

  • Comprehensive Design & Documentation
  • Complete Project Management
  • Rapid Deployment & Testing
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Optimization
  • Training and Certification

Understanding First, Solutions Second.

You have IT requirements and you need help. It’s that simple. Whether it’s a quick-action force to plug a security hole or a global roll out of a new data center, TechStrata is the one IT firm that will get it done right…the first time.  Why? Experience.

Proven Expertise…On-Demand.

We’ve helped nearly 600 small, medium and large companies manage their IT requirements with ease and efficiency. We do it every hour of every day. We know what works and what doesn’t, saving our clients tens of millions of dollars every year. 

Business runs 24/7. You need hardened street-wise expertise you can count on for the right answers to virtually any IT requirement you’re facing. You need a team that “get’s it”.

A Trusted Advisor Who Understands Your Business 

Many IT firms offer “consulting”. The IT world is full of so-called “experts.”  We refuse to be labeled that way. Our client’s see us as nothing less than trusted advisors who become fully vested in their business outcomes and who see the project through to the end…to the very last detail. Nothing less will suffice.  

The Total Project Lifecycle…Covered.
  • We Come to You. We Sit. We Listen. We Ask Questions.
  • We Gain the Total Understanding of Your Mission-Critical Objectives.
  • We Assess the Need and Design a Solution with Clear Accountabilities.
  • We Document the Full Scope of the Project from Start to Finish
  • When Necessary, We Source the Right Vendors and Hold Them Accountable
  • We Execute, Test, Deploy and Manage Your Solution with Exacting Precision

The Managed Services to Keep it All Running

  • 24/7 Live Support, Management and Monitoring
  • On-site and Off-site Rapid Response
  • State-of-the-Art Reporting
  • Global Scalability

Training and Certification

We understand clearly, you’re not looking for a marriage. You want your internal team ramped-up quickly so they can manage your new solution with the least amount of outside help. And, if you don’t have the staff, you want a reliable staffing resource that’s cost effective to supplement until you’ve got a full-time person or team in place. We get it.

Every TechStrata project includes the full array of training so your team is never dependent on any particular vendor for longer than necessary. That includes us. Our goal is to get your team trained and up to speed right away, yet still knowing they have the support they need when it’s necessary.  We will not only certify your staff, we’ll follow-up with recurrent training to keep their skills honed. When we take a holistic view of the project with a well-planned exit, it allows us to remove unnecessary uncertainty and deliver a more cost-effective project from the get-go. 

The Next Steps Is Yours