The Industry Expertise You Expect from Your IT Provider

TechStrata services the following industries and more. Your business is unique. Your IT solutions should fit your unique place in your industry and deliver a definitive competitive advantage. You need a partner that understands the big picture. TechStrata delivers…every time. Guaranteed.


In order to remain competitive in today's fast-paced world, communications service providers must execute an aggressive agenda focused on driving growth while simultaneously improving profits. We can help you get there with:

  • Technology solutions that leverage your existing infrastructure
  • Adapting solutions to regulations and new requirements
  • Mobile applications and systems integration
  • Disaster recovery and backup systems strategies

Educational Institutions: Universities, School Districts, Trade Schools
Educational institutions must connect educators, students and staff through seamless solutions integrating the latest video, audio and teleconferencing capabilities. From online course enrollment to records management and communications, TechStrata creates flexible, integrated solutions for educational institutions.

  • Communications solutions connecting students, educators, parents and professionals at home, office or campus
  • Integration of student records management, classroom management systems and more
  • Safe, secure enterprise-wide data storage solutions
  • Streamlined networks
  • Backup systems and disaster recovery systems

Energy and Utilities

New regulations, consumer demand and emerging technology have created a rapidly changing business environment for energy companies and utilities.  Thousands of people depend upon your utility business to provide smooth, uninterrupted service. TechStrata helps energy companies and utilities by providing:

  • Network and system security assessment and consulting
  • Integrated communications services, including telecommunications and VOIP
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Continuing planning
  • Backup systems and storage


When someone's life is on the line, IT solutions must exceed expectations and perform flawlessly. Data must be accurate and timely. Healthcare demands secure data and flexible solutions so that all healthcare providers have real time access to patient records, test results and more.  Our solutions for the healthcare industry include:

  • Electronic health records – secure to meet all privacy requirements
  • Point of care systems
  • Nurse Call systems/monitoring
  • Remote access, PDA, smart phones integration
  • Electronic image access, radiology scan image access and remote access
  • Automated drug dispensation for pharmacies


Manufacturing solutions must take into account not just the environment, but the cross-platform solutions most manufacturing situations require. Whether on the shop floor or in the offices of a factory, our manufacturing solutions provide time and money-saving services to our clients.

  • Integrates manufacturing systems with systems throughout your company
  • Access new processes and technologies
  • Reduce costs
  • Improve compliance with industry standards
  • Flexible platforms

Media and Entertainment

Media and entertainment companies have unique data storage requirements. Many companies must store large files for long periods of time, and make them easily accessible. Heavy technology use for production and postproduction is common. TechStrata can help your company by:

  • Building a robust infrastructure that meets your needs
  • Creating media rooms with IT infrastructure
  • Post production facilities and consulting
  • Rendering infrastructure
  • Organizing your data for easier access

Property Management

Proper management is a highly competitive industry. You must offer your tenants the most cutting-edge technology solutions to attract tenants and fill vacancies. TechStrata can help. We offer:

  • Consulting on how to build the right IT infrastructure directly into new or renovated structures
  • Secure and open access wireless coverage
  • Remote access to IT systems
  • Security and other data monitoring systems


Retailers need a set of solutions to help them better manage inventory to meet customer demand. Retails clients must maximize profits and outperform their competitors.  Only cutting-edge solutions will do. TechStrata's solutions have helped Wet Seal, Quicksilver and many smaller retail stores create robust systems integrating sales, marketing, and more.

  • Merchandising and supply chain management
  • Workforce management
  • Integration of bricks and mortar and web-based systems
  • Enterprise-wide cost reduction systems
  • Just in time inventory management systems

Travel & Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry has undergone a revolution thanks to new and emerging technologies. Customers demand more price competitiveness and real-time information on rates, reservations and more. TechStrata streamlines and integrates all of your systems to create a competitive infrastructure for travel and hospitality customers.

  • Scheduling and reservations systems integration
  • Processes and systems to update pricing
  • Communications solutions for your team or communicating with customers
  • Wireless solutions for hotels, conference centers
  • Cutting-edge IT services to make event and conference bookings attractive to your guests