Cloud Migration

“The Cloud” – It’s Not a Question of “If”, but “When" 

Let us be crystal clear…if you are not already running in the cloud, you will be. It is an inevitable fact of life. Why? It’s cheaper. End of Story. The only question is…when is the right time for your business to make the move. Fast or slow, it’s better to start the process now and avoid falling behind and playing catch-up. Simply put, the Cloud moves all your hardware and software to hosted servers, eliminating the need for in-house hardware and application management.

Why the Cloud, Why Now? 
  • An On-Demand World Demands On-Demand Access
  • More Integrated Processes and Work-Flows
  • Faster Roll-Outs and Deployments
  • Less Risk and Exposure
  • State-of-the Art Applications
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Always Monitored, Always Maintained
  • Secure, Flexible, and Scalable

“The significant benefits of agility and cost savings delivered by cloud computing are too compelling to ignore. Forward thinking enterprises are answering the questions of cloud computing not with an “if” but with a “when.” The challenge is to understand, based on risk/reward evaluation, what cloud services are appropriate for adoption, when they are appropriate, and the best practices, technologies and vendors that should be employed,”  - Gartner, Inc. Cloud Computing: The Why, When and How of Adoption. Nov. 2010.

The Next Steps Is Yours